FMB Operating Procedures for 2020-21

Maroon Band Procedures

The FMB staff has worked closely with university administration, local medical staff, campus facilities staff, and faculty experts to develop new procedures for 2020 to help keep students as safe as possible. These guidelines are consistent with protocols established by Mississippi State University.

General Operational Considerations for Band Ensembles

  • Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings when inside all university buildings and as they transition to and from their rehearsals and classes.  Face coverings will be removed for the warm-up and rehearsal period of the various ensembles. Players masks are also recommended to be worn during the rehearsal.   
  • University provided signage will instruct students regarding appropriate traffic flow patterns and proper social distancing guidelines.
  • Students will wait outside the building and will not be allowed to congregate in the lobby, hallway, or rehearsal halls before or after the rehearsals.
  • The instructor/conductor may be exempt from the wearing of a mask (if desired) during the rehearsal setting to model and communicate the various musical nuances required to facilitate their instruction.  
  • Bell covers for the brass instruments and some woodwind instruments will be utilized both indoors and out.
  • Room capacity will be restricted. The ensemble personnel will vary depending on literature orchestration and to allow adherence to social distancing guidelines for space usage. Students will transition in and out of the space as scheduled during the rehearsal block. 
  • There will be no sharing of the instruments.
  • At the conclusion of any rehearsals in the building, we will ask students to assist us with disinfecting the area around their seat with the disinfectant spray provided by the university.  The spray will be located in each hall.
  • Usage of the student lockers will be limited to avoid overcrowding in the locker area.
  • Rehearsals of smaller chamber groups with limited instrumentation (without percussion) may be outdoors in a standing socially distanced position.
  • Percussion assignment rotation will be limited, and percussionists will be asked to supply their own mallets.
  • Students will be required to self-screen daily and do temperature checks.  There will be a self-screening app for use by all university students and staff as well as temperature check stations across campus and in all the residence halls. The app will provide the capability to monitor individual health and to assist with contact tracing. 
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building, and disinfecting wipes are provided in each rehearsal hall.

General Operational Considerations for Marching Band

  • All rehearsals/meetings will be outdoors. In case of inclement weather, rehearsals will be cancelled.
  • Uniforms will not be issued. Students will wear the summer uniform (Adidas shorts and shirt/ball cap) for any performances early in the semester and will wear black pants and a sweatshirt if needed for cooler weather.
  • Students will be asked to wear face coverings and adhere to social distancing guidelines when transitioning to and from the rehearsal site. Wind players will remove their face coverings for rehearsal.
  • Students will be issued a gaiter for ease of pulling up and down while in rehearsal.  
  • The band will rehearse in smaller groups on our practice field and in the spaces around our building while still giving us options for performance at Scott Field.
  • This rehearsal schedule for Fall classes will include alternate days as determined by performance assignment and class schedule considerations.
  • Students playing smaller instruments will be asked to keep instruments overnight rather than in the band facility to prevent overcrowding.
  • Many of our similarly-sized instruments will be stored in a portable storage unit near the practice field to reduce the number of students requiring access to the lockers. Graduate assistants and section leaders will aid in the traffic flow to appropriately regulate the access before and after rehearsals. 
  • A touchless water refill station will be provided to reduce the number of students in the building hallway.
  • Additional portable restrooms with hand sanitation stations will be provided to reduce the number of students requiring access to the restroom facilities in our building.