Frequently Asked Questions


Are all band members music majors?

No. You do not have to be music major to be a member of the Maroon Band. The band is made up of students from almost every department and program at Mississippi State University.

Are auxiliary units part of the program?

Flags and feature twirlers are incorporated into the marching band. These units have a one-hour sectional rehearsal prior to each regular band rehearsal. Auditions for these groups will be announced at a later date. Learn more about auxiliary unitsĀ here.

Are there scholarships available?

Band members are eligible receive a service award for their participation. The amount of the award is determined by demonstration of musical ability during the audition.

Do band members receive academic credit?

Band members receive academic credit each semester. These credits satisfy elective requirements in most majors. In addition, there is no tuition charge for musical ensembles, even in a class overload situation.

How do I become a member of the Maroon Band?

Auditions for the Famous Maroon Band start in January and continue until the end of March for wind players and concert percussionists. Guard, twirler, and drumline auditions are held in April and May.

How much time does band require?

Much less than you might think! The band only rehearses 1 hour per day, 4-5 days per week. We rehearse less than most high school and community college band programs.

What is different about being a member of the Famous Maroon Band than being a member of my high school/community college band?

The Famous Maroon Band offers you many of the positive benefits that you have already experienced from your band membership. Friends, travel, and the satisfaction of playing great music are all a part of being in the band here. But there is nothing like being a part of the high energy generated on game day on the Mississippi State campus. The Maroon Band is at the heart of game day spirit and a major part of what we call "The Scott Field Experience."